Start building bridges

Tired of the status quo of incivility and partisanship in today’s society? We’re creating a new future by enabling civil discourse and problem solving with “the other side”. Download Civi and start positively engaging with people you disagree with today.

Who uses Civi?

Civi provides a space for anyone who is looking to break free of their bubbles and move past difficult divides. Unlike other major social media platforms, Civi is the only platform that is built around enabling users to create meaningful and positive connections with people with different viewpoints than their own.

We aim to bring together the 77% of Americans who believe that our differences are not strong enough to keep us from coming together. You can talk about anything you want with your matches, all we ask is that you do so respectfully and with the intent to listen as well as share.


What you'll get with the Civi experience

Engage with Others

Find and talk with people holding different views on the issues you care about

Reward Civility

Users are rewarded for how respectful they are to others

Join Communities

Create, comment, and vote on ideas that could improve your community.

Coming Soon


Organize and fundraise for causes that you believe in

Coming Soon

Break Your Bubble

Receive news and op-eds on issues of interest outside your echo chamber

Coming Soon

Build a Movement

Leave behind the old partisan dichotomy and create nonpartisan change

Choose your interests

Civi lets you self-identify how you see yourself on the country’s most talked about social and political issues. We don’t use quizzes to tell you what you believe.

Select where you fall on the spectrum

Civi lets you decide where you fall on a range of issues.

Find matches to engage

Civi recommends people on the other side of issues you care most about so that every conversation is meaningful.


Create Meaningful Connections

Civi allows people to break free of the filter bubbles and the vitriol of other platforms in order to make meaningful connections with people holding different views on today’s most pressing issues.

Start discussing

With Civi, you can exchange your views on the issues you are passionate about with people who have a different perspective.

Organize online and offline (Coming soon)

Civi empowers the real silent majority—those of all sides who believe that we can only solve our biggest problems together—by enabling users to create offline movements.


Where does the name Civi come from?

Civi is a playful derivation of the words civility and civic (as in, civic space), which are central tenets of our platform. We want to create a space where people can constructively engage with and learn from people with different perspectives than their own.

Who is behind Civi?

Civi was started by a bunch of individuals concerned with the current state of incivility in society and the increasing chasm between people with different viewpoints. Our founders include Josh Woodard, Mannie Ajayi and tech partner, NAXA. Civi is not affiliated with any political party or organization and everything we do is viewed through a lens of nonpartisanship.

Sounds great! How can I use Civi?

Civi is currently in open beta testing on Google Play and the App Store.Once you check it out, we happily welcome any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports at contact@gocivi.com.

How do you match me with others?

Civi optimizes your matches according to the issues you care most about. We only suggest matches to you with people who have a different perspective on those issues than your own.

How do you reward civility?

Civi encourages users to rate each other solely on how civil and respectful they have been in conversation—not how informed they think the other person’s opinion is. Over time, low rated users will not match with high rated ones. This helps us to create a more positive experience for all by weeding out bots, trolls, jerks, and others with malintent.

How do you protect users' privacy?

What happens in your chats stays between you and the other person. We do not monitor or "sniff" those messages. Any insights that we share with third-parties are based on aggregate data (for example, on the issues users care about), and not micro-level user data. No one except yourself will ever know how you self-identify on any issues you select.

I’m interested in partnering with you, what should I do?

We’re always open to exploring new partnerships with organizations that share our mission. Just shoot us an email at partnerships@gocivi.com.